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Launched in 2020, Files features essays and contributions by artists and thinkers working nowadays. The essays include issues about art, culture, philosophy, and aesthetics.

Call for papers

Around a specific topic chosen by our team every two months, we welcome proposals coming from critically engaged authors: writers, academics, artists, and curators.

The first topic is THE BODY: How the body has been represented in history? Are there any artists/authors depicting a futuristic imaginary of the body? How this topic has been treated in visual art and cinema? The definition of the body can be declined into different subjects and interpretations.  

Until the 1st of March we accept, reviews of exhibitions in museums, galleries, and independent spaces worldwide as well as essays, interviews, and reports from the field of contemporary art, cinema, photography, and literature.

How to apply?

Send us your paper in English or French (max 3000 characters) and your short bio at

No application fees!
Only selected contributors will be contacted.