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Rethinking the gallery space as space for artistic creation is the main theme of our four-week residency program.

During the first two weeks, the art gallery which is traditionally an exhibition space designed for the sale of artworks is transformed into a place of research and production.

The artist, supposedly a free component within this new space, contributes to the metamorphosis of the gallery into a creative workspace. The space thus transformed, partially loses its original function and becomes essential to the artistic production.

The residency is  complemented with special events (workshops, conferences, projections…) and ends in a two-week exhibition of the works produced by the artist. 

Residency  2019

Kensuke Koike

Kensuke Koike is a Japanese artist that lives and works in Venice. By performing a manual transformation of the object, the artist deconstructs the photographic image and reveals its infinite possibilities.

Residency 2019