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THE ROOM… is a research-driven nomadic space that focuses on the Uncanny through artistic creation and self-produced experimental projects. It has been founded in July 2019 by curator and researcher Alessandra Chiericato.

THE ROOM… does not aspire to have a fixed programming or a unique format: it must be seen as a hybrid, timeless and disturbing space where experiment, create, destroy, or explore familiar things always with a critical eye. By shifting the gaze to the different stages of research and artistic creation, THE ROOM… aims to be a catalyst filled by critical thoughts and introspective glances.

By organizing residency opportunities, exhibitions, podcasts, and other cultural projects, THE ROOM… wants to become a multi-platform that supports cultural exchange among visual artists, curators, musicians, writers,… to connect different practices and thoughts. And it does so especially today when keeping in touch with people, although virtually, is more important than ever. 

THE ROOM….est une association à but non lucratif régie par la loi de 1901.

SITE : Association THE ROOM…