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E6 / S1
Alexandre’s Studio

              Square Meters features the French Caribbean painter Alexandre Lenoir. Starting by introducing Garance, one of his most inspiring collaborators, talking about the influence of people’s energy in his practice, to finish with the research of his true self while “digging” into the painting, Alexandre lets us peek into his creative mind. This episode was recorded at his atelier located at PADAF, in the southern suburbs of Paris, France. 

After a life-changing experience in Casablanca, Alexandre found himself questioning his personal approach to paint in relation to his position in contemporary art.

His studio, an approximately 20 m2 studio, can be seen as a mysterious cavern imbued with the power of an invisible energy. By working in the dark, Alexandre achieves painting through photography, projecting an image on the surface of the canvas. The image is masked with blue tape in a repetitive gesture, and yet with a force that flows from the ambiguity of this moment. In fact, to him the canvas arises from a present condition: you don’t see the painting with your eyes, you see it with your stomach.
Furthermore, teamwork is an essential part in Alexandre’s practice: the people he works with, just by being themselves, by bringing their own energy in the space, contribute to make art.

We can hear more about his belief in the power of collaboration when he introduces Garance, studio assistant and student at the academy of Fine Arts of Cergy. With her pure and sincere attitude, Garance has significantly contributed to the flow of collaboration that boost the creativity of the studio.

Finally, for the artist, the painting reveals itself after a long process of research, almost like in digging. And it’s by ‘digging into the canvas’ that Alexandre hopes to discover his true self.

We live, so paintings are made. 

Alexandre Lenoir is represented by Almine Rech Gallery in Paris. 

Credits /
Curated by Alessandra Chiericato
Assistant: Camilla Magnani
Recorded: July 2020

Published: October 2020
Music: Roberto Farina
Editing: Alessandra Chiericato
Photo Credits: The Room Projects