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THE RESIDENCY The Room Projects places great importance on the creative process and supports artists in their exploration and realisation of their work. As part of this approach, we offer a residency programme called "La Maison d'Odile," located in a rural setting, which enables artists to reconnect with their artistic practice.

The Room Projects takes a keen interest in diverse artistic practices, actively engaging with contemporary discussions on topics such as technology, image overconsumption and ecology. We organise both physical and virtual exhibitions (Rooms) and events (Collaterals) on its platforms, to showcase artistic work and contribute to reflection on these issues.

THE PORTRAITS The Room Projects is committed to promoting the visibility of artists by offering a different perspective on contemporary art through artist portraits, reports (Files) and podcast accounts (Square Meters). Through our website and social networks, we highlight artists, their work and the projects they are involved in.


1. NOMADIC NATURE Our vision of art space oscillates between the physical and the virtual. We are a nomadic curatorial and experimental platform: we envision the future of cultural practice.

2. COMMUNITY BUILDERSWe are working to create an international community. We are promoting artists’ mobility virtually and physically, to create a supportive community open to sharing experiences, content, collaborations and ideas.

3. CROSS-DISCIPLINARY MIND We aim to steer the focus of our research towards contemporary issues, giving voice to visual artists, musicians, philosophers and writers working in different disciplines. Through a transversal consideration of the emblematic figures of the 19th and 20th centuries, we work truthfully and concretely to produce new and unpredictable projects.


The Room Projects

The Room Projects is a platform for experimenting with curatorial practice focusing on creative spaces.

The Room Projects' reflections are naturally directed towards artists' studios and spaces that act as receptacles for a variety of activities within architecture, whether physical or virtual.

The Room Projects, like the artist's studio, is a space that is both permeable and changeable, permanent and temporary, stable and nomadic, urban and rural.
Over time, the curatorial projects initiated by The Room Projects have allowed the platform to follow the creative process closely, exploring the changing nature of the studio, the workshop, and the way it metamorphoses according to the movements, both physical and metaphorical, of its owner.

The ambition of The Room Projects is to gather the voices of artists, designers, architects, critics, and other participants, both present and past. 

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