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Square Meters

Step into Square Meters, an archive of creative voices that ventures into the inner sanctums of creators' studios.

Immerse yourself in the distinctive spaces of artists, writers, thinkers, and other inspiring personalities who play a pivotal role in shaping the dynamic landscape of contemporary creation.

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Credits /
Curated by Alessandra Chiericato
Recorded: fall-winter 2023
Published: April 2024
Music: Traian Chereches, Roberto Farina
Editing: Alessandra Chiericato

Alexandre Yang  explores his identity through an artistic approach of autofiction. Her paintings, rich in traditional motifs from her Hmong culture, capture moments from her life in dreamlike atmospheres. Her artistic work focuses on the imaginative reflection of her personal experiences, preferring emotional evocation to simple factual representation.


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An atypical and nomadic curatorial platform, The Room Projects was founded in 2019 with the aim of providing contemporary artists with a multifaceted space - both physical and virtual - that focuses on their creative process.

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