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Square Meters

In March 2020 The Room Projects launched the podcast Square Meters. In each episode the listener is taken into the studio of a visual artist, a musician, a philosopher, or a writer, to explore and understand their vision and practice.

By sharing and pooling ideas in a more intimate and reflective dimension our podcast addresses the question of the distance between the “author” and the public.

Square Meters wishes to encourage discussion and exchange within the creative community.

Square Meters is available on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

Credits /
Curated by Alessandra Chiericato
Recorded: May 2022
Published: May 2022
Music: Roberto Farina
Editing: Alessandra Chiericato
Supported by: Think & Do International and Terrou-Bi Hotel, Dakar.

Welcome to another season of the Square Meters podcast.

This season is a bit different: first, you can hear me speak shyly in French; second, it takes place in Dakar, Senegal, during the 2022 Biennale. The noise of the traffic jam, the never-ending roadworks or the voices in the background, the pauses and the spontaneity of the dialogue are all part of the unique exchanges I had. Because this time, the square meters you discover when listening are the ones animated by some of the city's local actors through different artistic projects - and not only during the Biennale.

On my trip to Dakar, I wanted to meet and talk with people who live there, who see the city changing, transforming and shaping itself. I wanted to understand through their eyes what it means to participate in the cultural life of this city, as well as in the OFF programme of the Biennale.

How do they perceive this international event? What is their perspective, their opinion, on this unique event?

Season 3  

Spécial Dakar


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