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We consider the production and creation space as the place where the essence of an artistic practice is most visible. Bringing the public closer to the creative process is the main objective of The Room Projects' residency programmes.

The Room Projects is developing a residency programme for artists and authors in collaboration with La Maison d'Odile with support from the private collection TaNy & PaWo.

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Curated by Alessandra Chiericato
Powerd by TaNy & PaWo - La collection

Since 2022, The Room Projects has been working on the development of a programme of residencies, exhibitions and symposiums around the arts and knowledge in the broadest sense within La Maison d’Odile and in several Parisian venues.

La Maison d’Odile was founded in 2021 as a place for research, creation, and encounters, with the aim of offering the contemporary art scene an atypical venue that stimulates unusual cultural links. By opening up to entities of different origin and inspiration - the art world, local and personal initiatives, major companies, local communities - La Maison d’Odile offers a unique mosaic of creative spaces for talented international artists and authors.

This residency project is supported by the private collection TaNy & PaWo. Formed in 2016 in three cities - Taipei (TA), New York City (NY) & Paris (PA) and around the world (WO)- TaNy & PaWo also means “tiny” and “power” in English. A name that reflects the collection’s mission: tiny actions that empower emerging talent in both the artistic and corporate worlds.

Kelani Abass  

Residency : 14 April - 1 May 2022

La Maison d’Odile - Art & Knowledge

With the support of TaNy&PaWo - La Collection and 31 PROJECT gallery.