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The Room Projects is a platform for experimenting with curatorial practice focusing on creative spaces.

The Room Projects' reflections are naturally directed towards artists' studios and spaces that act as receptacles for a variety of activities within architecture, whether physical or virtual.

The Room Projects, like the artist's studio, is a space that is both permeable and changeable, permanent and temporary, stable and nomadic, urban and rural.

Over time, the curatorial projects initiated by The Room Projects have allowed the platform to follow the creative process closely, exploring the changing nature of the studio, the workshop, and the way it metamorphoses according to the movements, both physical and metaphorical, of its owner.

The ambition of The Room Projects is to gather the voices of artists, designers, architects, critics, and other participants, both present and past. The aim is to slow down time and invite the reader to contemplate the creative space, a place full of activity, reflection, encounters, moments of boredom, frustration and uncertainty, but also of achievement, madness and freedom.


Founder Director and Curator

Alessandra Chiericato expertly guides the viewer through a range of new curatorial projects to discover the world of artists.
In her research, she draws on references to the visual arts and aesthetics, while questioning how images are commonly viewed. Exploring notions of memory and archives, she is interested in the work of artists who question the representation of the body and the mechanisms of control in a dystopian world where technology plays a predominant role. With a multidisciplinary approach, she creates projects that experiment with curatorial practice.

The Room Projects        


An atypical and nomadic curatorial platform, The Room Projects was founded in 2019 with the aim of providing contemporary artists with a multifaceted space - both physical and virtual - that focuses on their creative process.

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