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Rethinking the gallery space as space for artistic creation is the main theme of our four-week workshop/art exhibition programme.

During the first two weeks, the art gallery which is traditionally an exhibition space designed for the sale of artworks is transformed into a place of research and production.

The atelier/production fase is complemented with special events (workshops, conferences, projections…) and ends in a two-week exhibition of the works produced by the artist. 

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THIS IS US, by Maria Di Stefano

Project supported by:

Maria Di Stefano is an Italian multimedia artist. After completing a degree in Art History at the Sorbonne in Paris and a master’s degree in Fine Art at the UCA in Canterbury, she moved to the United States to work as Richard Kern’s assistant photographer in New York and as Artist in Residence at Esmoa in Los Angeles.

In 2021, her project “This is Us” won the Lazio Contemporaneo grant dedicated to young artists in Rome. She has won the 2022 Italian Council award promoted by the Italian Ministry of Culture allowing her to continue her work in Paris.

Among the exhibitions in which she participated: Babies Are Knocking, Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome (2021); Digitalive - Romaeuropa Festival, Mattatoio, Rome (2019); Poetry and Destiny, The Italian fortune of Werther, Casa di Goethe, Rome (2019); SHE DEVIL X, Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome (2018); meet me under water, One Room, Rome (2018); Entertainment, Una Vetrina - The
Indipendent MAXXI, Rome (2018); No Human Traces, Avenue 50, Los Angeles (2017).

Maria Di Stefano  

Project supported by the Italian Council (11thedition, 2022), the program aimed at supporting Italian contemporary art in the world promoted by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity within the Italian Ministry of Culture. 


Kensuke Koike

Project in collaboration with SEPTIEME Gallery, Paris/Cotonu


ATELIER: 25.11.19 – 13.12.19
EXHIBITION: 14.12.19 – 18.01.19

An exhibition by Kensuke Koike
Curated by Alessandra Chiericato

31, rue de l’université
75007 – Paris