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Rooms is an artist's room. We work closely with artists to produce solo and group exhibitions. We offer unique curatorial support, designing immersive and unique installations.


Des récits et des histoires.
Amado Alfadni at La Maison d’Odile

Curated by Alessandra Chiericato & Heba El Moaz

Institut d’Égypte au Caire
From 15.11 to 23.12.2023

Sudanese artist of Egyptian origin. Amado Alfadni's childhood was made up of two environments: the Cairene street and the Sudanese home. The relationship, and sometimes tension, between the two the two strongly influenced his vision of both cultures. The need to express this dual perspective led him to make art in the first place, and has his work ever since.

AlFadni's work deals with the relationship between the included and excluded, and opens a dialogue on questions of identity and politics politics, working with forgotten historical events and current and current state policies. Through his art, Amado fearlessly tackles forgotten historical chapters that are difficult to digest, as he then refers to the current state of affairs.

On the basis of his dedicated and passionate passionate study of documentation, he delves into painful and sensitive passages sensitive passages of time that have been ignored, to present a credible case for those who until now have not been heard, nor given a platform to speak out their anguish, pain, injury and trauma, to understand the dotted lines left behind.
Last Project          

Amado Alfadni

Project for Institut francais d'Égypte au Caire with Heba El Moaz Curator.

At the end of the village of Bernède, where the road leads to the old historic bell tower and beyond the imposing tree that marks its entrance, stands a traditional house with exposed wooden beams. A refuge on the edge of vast cultivated fields where wild animals sometimes pass by, La Maison d’Odile has been a place of experimentation for international artists for over two years. Here, Amado AlFadni stayed for three weeks, giving birth to a collection of works today exhibited at the French Institute in Cairo, Egypt.

However, today, Amado AlFadni will not speak of Odile, of the history of a house, of a family, or a village. He will not even talk of his personal story, lived between the streets of Cairo and the family intimacy of his Sudanese origins. For this exhibition, the artist guides us toward a fluid reading of unpublished works that interweave distant stories, legends, iconic figures, and historical events that have shaped the European and African continents.

This exhibition is both a testimony to the artist's experience in the residency and the restitution of a universal imagination that links past and present while bringing together distant places and communities.



Kensuke Koike

Projet in collaboration with SEPTIEME Gallery, Paris/Cotonu

Maria Di Stefano

Project supported by the Italian Council (11thedition, 2022), the program aimed at supporting Italian contemporary art in the world promoted by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity within the Italian Ministry of Culture.


STUDIO : 25.11.19 – 13.12.19
EXHIBITION : 14.12.19 – 18.01.19

A solo exhibition by Kensuke Koike
Curated by Alessandra Chiericato

31, rue de l’université
75007 – Paris

PROJECT : 30.09.22 – 21.09.23
EXHIBITION : 14.09.23 – 21.09.23

A solo exhibition by Maria Di Stefano
Curated by Alessandra Chiericato

The Room Projects - Pop Up
47, rue de Montmorency
75003 – Paris
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An atypical and nomadic curatorial platform, The Room Projects was founded in 2019 with the aim of providing contemporary artists with a multifaceted space - both physical and virtual - that focuses on their creative process.

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