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Amado Alfadni

Residency: 19 Mai - 9 June 2023

La Maison d’Odile - Art & Knowledge
With the support of TaNy&PaWo Collection and of the French Institute of Egypt.

Egyptian-born Sudanese artist Amado Alfadni bases his work on the relationship between the included and the excluded, and opens a dialogue on issues of identity and politics.

Using postcards, photographs, and sound archives, Amado Alfadni reveals the complex relationship between past and present created by colonial domination and tells the story of how it has affected Black Africa, particularly through the intertwined histories of the people living in the geographical area where Sudan meets Egypt and Libya.

Born in 1976, he lives and works in Cairo, Egypt. 

Karo Kuchar

Residency: 10 April - 23 April 2023

La Maison d’Odile - Art & Knowledge
With the support of TaNy&PaWo Collection.

For Karo Kuchar - a multidisciplinary artist of Czech and Polish origin - considerations related to the representation of the body and the understanding of the body as a second skin and envelope are part of a more complex consideration involving the body in its spatial dimension.

In her artistic approach, this relationship between the body and the architectural space is revealed in the play of transparencies and plastered textures of the materials that form the basis of her works.

Thus, silk and organza inlaid with plaster reveal imaginary silhouettes and constitute the negative on which the memory of this intimate relationship between body and space is printed.

Born in 1986, she lives and works between Vienna and Paris.

Kelani Abass

Residency: 14 April - 1 May 2022

La Maison d’Odile - Art & Knowledge
With the support of TaNy&PaWo Collection and the gallery 31 PROJECT.

As an image hunter, Kelani Abass embeds a family heritage and a national history in his work.

Sculptor, painter, poet, craftsman, archivist, or simply Artist, he explores in his practice a universe made of nostalgia, perceptions, and images that light up visionary flashes and offer unpredictable insights.

With dedication and passion, Kelani Abass redraws the history of his country through the reliefs of his creations and pays tribute to his father who was his first source of inspiration.

Born in 1979, he lives and works in Lagos.

Thanks to the 31 PROJECT gallery for supporting this residency!

Adrien van Melle

Residency: 8 - 22 January 2022

La Maison d’Odile - Art & Knowledge
With the support of Think & Do International and  TaNy&PaWo Collection.

Adrien van Melle has built his artistic career by working with narrative as a multi-faceted material.

In the manner of Nicolas Bouvier's writings or John Baldessari's works, strong in conceptual intelligence, his work pushes us, without ever forcing us, to think, to read, to understand freely.

Adrien is more than an artist: he lays the foundations of a school of thought between here and elsewhere, today and tomorrow, as close as possible to the human being and never far from a world that is foreign to us.

Born in 1987, he lives and works in Paris. 

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