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“I want my studio to be my laboratory”
W/ Antoine Renard

           Square Meters features the french visual artist Antoine Renard. 

Antoine Renard is a visual artist living and working in Paris, France.
He mainly practices sculpture, drawing and installation, his plastic language develops around issues related to adolescence, the body, intoxication and transformation.

Talking about his workplace Antoine Renard says “I want my studio to be my laboratory”.

Based on an aesthetic imbued with computer networks, biology and religious art, he elaborates a sculptural language with a domestic and brutal faith, using a multitude of forms, media and materials to create narrative environments, floating spaces where the profane and the sacred intertwine in a multiple and distorted temporality.  

Recent exhibitions include AMNESIA at Galerie Nathalie Obadia in Paris, Red Lines at the Ferdinand Baumann Gallery in Pragues, 1999 at Marsèlleria Milan, Eden Park at In-Extenso, Clermont-Ferrand and Black Dance at the Chez Valentin Gallery, Paris.

Credits /
Recorded, edited and produced by The Room Projects
Curated and coordinated by Alessandra Chiericato
Associate Curator: Camilla Magnani
Recorded: March 2021

Music: Roberto Farina
Photo Credits: The Room Projects