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Day 3

Beyond the visible, at the core of the body, VISCERA is the heart and spirit of it. It’s the arrival place after a destructive journey, visible through an immersion. The images are now the very essence of the body. It’s the final stage of the experience of the ‘other’; its interiorization, in both mental and physical dimensions. Viscera are the inner architectures of the body, of the ‘house’. The structures build an ecosystem, interconnected to the interior space. After the chaotic fragmentation, the images are settling down, constituting memories and building the main structures. We see the structure, the machine, the geometry from inside. Mechanicalness and repetition took place. Turbines and valves. The essence of a (new) reality is there, and NO-BODY is questioning its origin.

Agnieszka Mastalerz and Michal Szaranowicz | Primary Swarm | 9’55’’
Anaïs Senli | Linea Fusca | 20’
Andy Sowerby | Enough | 2’26’’
Joseph Santarpia | Flesh Forming | 4’12’’
Yan Wai Yin | Localized Blindness | 19’45’’
Catriona Gallagher | They met under a ceiling of sky | 21’08’’
Akio Yuguchi | Avec | 18’28’’
Guli Silberstein | Somewhere We Live in Little Loops | 5’49’’

From LUX Archive:
Tim Webb | 15th February | 6’41’’

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