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“Sound is living in the space”
W/ Hannah 


            Square Meters features Hannah Archambault, visual and sound artist from Paris. 

Hannah Archambault was born in 1996 in the Paris suburbs to a Polish mother and a French father. She studied photography at the Gobelins before joining the Royal College of Art in London where she is exploring sound art.

Talking about her workplace Hannah Archambault says “Sound is living in the space”.

Through the installation, Hannah Archambault constructs sound environments that question our senses and our references in space. She likes to probe what is invisible or difficult to decipher, such as fantasy, in On the edge of fantasy, or the sensation of attraction-rejection in her sound work O.

In this episode you can listen to some sound extracts coming from the works Coulissage (in collaboration with Asher Levitas), O and Pactum Salis.

Credits /
Recorded, edited and produced by The Room Projects
Curated and coordinate by Alessandra Chiericato
Associate Curator: Camilla Magnani
Recorded: January 2021

Music: Roberto Farina
Photo Credits: The Room Projects