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“Creation is a lonely place”
W/ Laura Dondoli

           Square Meters features the Italian performer, actress and costume designer Laura Dondoli.

After she attended to Polimoda and graduated in Fashion Design, Laura starts designing costumes for theatre and contemporary dance pièces. At the same time, she continues her acting studies, started on 2004 with the theatre-maker and pedagogue Caterina Poggesi (Fosca), developing a heterogeneous and non-academic education by attending to workshops and artistic residencies with different directors and choreographers, among the others: Marco Martinelli, Francesca Proia, Claudia Castellucci, Cesare Ronconi/ Teatro Valdoca, Chiara Guidi. From 2013 she deepens the study of the vocal gesture with the soprano and vocal researcher Francesca Della Monica.

Talking about her workplace Laura Dondoli says “Creation is a lonely place [...] a silent and quiet space”.

Until now, she has collaborated to several projects as actress and/or costume designers, i.e. with Romeo Castellucci/Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, Compagnia Virgilio Sieni Danza, Fiorenza Menni/ Teatrino Clandestino, Teatro delle Albe, Silvia Costa. Interpenetration and inevitable mutual influence between these two practises, on and off the stage, allowed her to develop a peculiar transversal way of looking at matter and performing gesture.

Credits /
Recorded, edited and produced by The Room Projects
Curated and coordinated by Alessandra Chiericato
Associate Curator: Camilla Magnani
Recorded: January 2021

Music: Roberto Farina
Photo Credits: The Room Projects