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“The artist run space is where to define oneself and find a community”
W/ Nelson Pernisco

            Square Meters features Nelson Pernisco, Visual Artist and founder of Le Wonder, an Artists’ run space in Clichy (France).

Nelson Pernisco’s work has to be explored the way we would approach the third-places he makes his own; seen as a space of free indiscipline where critical thinking breads new utopias.

From urban squats to industrial wastelands, the visual artist took it upon himself to discover the various means of occupying territories, of constructing housings, and the way they act as a catalyst for political orders. His aesthetic is dry and in some way, brutalist. He relies on recycling poor and recovered materials, presented as touchstones of a world that may already be in ruins, and is at best under never-ending construction. - Florian Gaité

Talking about their workplace Nelson Pernisco says "The artist run space is where to define oneself and find a community".

He is founder of Le Wonder, an artists’ run space that is free, independent and experimental. This place offers to young artists a low-cost workspace and a pool of shared machines, close to Paris, for large-scale transdisciplinary projects.

Credits /
Recorded, edited and produced by The Room Projects
Curated and coordinate by Alessandra Chiericato
Associate Curator: Camilla Magnani
Recorded: December 2020

Music: Roberto Farina
Photo Credits: The Room Projects