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Season 1

*In English *

In the first season of Square Meters, Alessandra takes the listeners into the studios of some of the artists of the contemporary scene from France, Italy and Spain. Starting with a description of their current workplace and ending with the identification of what is a “potential place”, the podcast offers a unique perspective on the creative studio. 

Credits /
Produced by Alessandra Chiericato
Copyright: The Room Projects 2020
Music: Roberto Farina
Editing: Alessandra Chiericato

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King Hundekpinkou

Square Meters introduces ceramic artist King Houndekpinkou in its first episode. Discussing his use of gold pigments, his admiration for the renowned ceramist George Ohr [1857-1918] and the importance of lineage, King takes us into his creative world. This episode was recorded in his studio at PADAF in Anthony, a suburb south of Paris.


Nicola Ratti

Square Meters presents sound artist Nicola Ratti. From his first approach to music through basic and cheap materials, through the physicality of sound as a form of inspiration and finishing with the prospects of collective projects in times of pandemic, Nicola immerses us in his sonic universe. This episode was recorded at Nicola Ratti's studio located at STANDARDS, in Milan, Italy.


Rebecca Brodskis

Square Meters presents the French painter Rebecca Brodskis. From the use of an ancient Renaissance technique to prepare her canvases, to the encounters she has during her daily travels, and concluding with her imminent move to Marseille in search of new inspiration, Rebecca takes us into her creative world. This episode was recorded in her studio at 6B in Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris.


Dorian Cohen

Square Meters presents the painter Dorian Cohen. From the comparison of a blank canvas to an unwritten page, through the use of the colour red to underline the theatricality of painting, to the description of a large canvas he is preparing for his first solo exhibition in Paris, Dorian leads us into his creative universe. This episode was recorded in his studio at the Villa Mais d'Ici in Aubervilliers, in the northern suburbs of Paris.


Adrien Van Melle

Square Meters presents the writer and visual artist Adrien Van Melle. Through an old mobile phone, an orange chair in the corner of his Paris studio and the story behind a cheap notebook, Adrien takes us into his creative world. This episode was recorded in his studio located in the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.


Alexandre Lenoir

Square Meters presents the French-Caribbean painter Alexandre Lenoir. First introducing Garance, his collaborator and source of inspiration, he then evokes the influence of the energy he draws from others on his practice and ends with the idea of a quest for oneself through the "digging" of painting. Alexandre Lenoir plunges us into his creative mind. This episode was recorded in his studio located at PADAF, in the southern suburbs of Paris.


María Tinaut

Square Meters presents the Spanish visual artist María Tinaut. Through her personal archive that travels with her since the American era, the colour blue as a constant source of inspiration and some reflections on the role of art and culture in times of pandemic, María takes us into her creative universe. This episode was recorded in her studio at Studio Buena Vista, in a small village near Valencia, Spain.


The Room Projects

Square Meters ends its first season with a focus on The Room Projects. Alessandra Chiericato invites you to discover our Room by talking about the exhibition The Encyclopaedic Palace curated by Massimiliano Gioni, the role played by images in our research and curatorial practice, and ends with some reflections about this podcast. This episode was recorded in our office located at VOLTAIRE, a shared workspace in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

The Room Projects        


An atypical and nomadic curatorial platform, The Room Projects was founded in 2019 with the aim of providing contemporary artists with a multifaceted space - both physical and virtual - that focuses on their creative process.

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